Friday, April 9, 2010

well here she is my least favorite and least inspired of my older MIMP drawings, I must have felt like crap drawing it and I remember not enjoying inking this at all, it is the number one priority on my list of redos after I finish inking a few more recent drawings. Oh and sorry for all the people who don't follow my blog or have even looked at this. All of this is experimenting and such from my posts and drawings, I'm still trying to find sweet spots in the balance between images and wordy information. It seems like I've been mostly on info overload as I did with my Wolfman and Mad scientist, which is another drawing I think I could have put more justice into, I'm going to try adding more pics and less esoteric stuff to maybe even the playing field. and for those who also care my post are very sporadic because I absolutely hate typing in blogger and that is what is usually drives me to half finish a post and come back to it around a week or two later. Well as for my progress the inking is OK, but I still think I could have had a large value range and I really think I could have just done more overall with the designs and everything, well that will be for another day so here is some fun info on your favorite biblical monsters.

Leviathan and Behemoth are monsters that appear in both the Hebrew bible and the old testament, also among Arab writings and stories. They are primarily featured in the book of Job as monsters God had created to test the Hebrews. Leviathan is usually pictured as a large cycling fish or spiraling sea serpent that stretches for miles of ocean and could swallow ships and all beasts of the the sea whole. Behemoth is usually pictured as some kind of lumbering horned mammal, consuming mountains and rivers in its wake, however it is herbivorous and only eats plants and such, but it seems it is m ore likely to basically eat EVERYTHING accidentally. The beasts could only be slain by their makers, otherwise only God or the Hebrews, and their flesh would make the finest banquet for the world and their skin to be made into canopies for the world to rest under, which would apparently happen in "the end of conflict" or essentially when world peace would be struck, which at this rate is basically as impossible as it was then.

What the basis of these monsters were off is a mystery. Some say it was things like mundane animals like goats and fat catfish that someone hyperbolied into true fish tales that hooked peoples attention. Others believe it may have been large beasts like hippopotamuses and great sharks that inspired people with their massive sizes and unparalleled power. Also Behemoth is male and Leviathan is female, so go ahead and start writing you biblical fan fiction immediately!

well there isn't too much more I'd like to add until I have something decent to merit a big post so stay tuned as I reveal more monsters.

Credits go to wikipedia articles and the book of Job itself I suppose for summarizing the monsters

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