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Well here it is my latest post in a while since blogger is kind of a pain to deal with, we have the Redcap and Fachen which I stupidly misspelled. Some of the very first ones Ive done now, and I have a lot of catching up to do as Ive already made forty sum and have only made one or technically 2 posts. Well I'll be brief This is one of my best early ones and one of my more inspired but still not the best I could have done. I can see smudges in a few parts and the lines are still a bit separated on the

Well it would be best to give some info about the rascally and violent Redcap. They are generally found around abandoned castles on the English and Scottish borders. They are there to easily spot travelers who stray by them. They are called Redcaps for the homicidal deeds the continue to stay a alive. They slay the wandering traveler with either an iron pike, scythe, or an occasional dagger(which my picture represents). After they take life they drench their caps in the blood of the kill to keep their life force going, if a Red cap was unable to keep soaking his hat he would die as it dries out.

Redcaps aren't limited just slaying people with weapons, the have pushed boulders on people from above, kicked them to death with iron boots, or in some rare cases poisoning. You can not out run a Redcap, as they are very agile and quick even with iron boots and an arsenal of heavy iron weapons. The only way to escape is to quote a bible verse, where in the red cap will lose a tooth and flee, leaving you a disturbing souvenir as you brag of the tale.

Redcaps can be famous, one such Redcap named Robin haunted Hermitage castle where he killed men abused women and practiced many dark arts and deliberate acts of blasphemy, his master was dandy with that until Robins deeds caught up with him and the Master was ritualistically boiled in lead. Redcaps have also been feature in many article of Fantasy like The Magic:Gathering card game among many video games and Fantasy books.

The Fachen is similar in location to the Redcap, but in most aspects is far more menacing. Coming from the highlands of Scotland it travels the forests at night and is essentially unseen. However its appearance is lacking in camouflage, as it has been depicted as a large tuft or ball of feathers which are as tough as steel, sprouting one leg and one arm which are grown at strange angles. Also it has one eye which if stared at directly can cause heart attacks, along with the menacing eye it has a giant mouth filled with blade-like teeth.

It is a very violent monster, as it attacks travelers, mutilating them and then usually eating them. However it's travels have been poorly documented and very few men have been able to tell their tales. But stomping around the forest on one leg is not all its known for. It is known for carrying a chain which is swung to level farms and orchards in acts which could just be described as complete dickery.

It has been featured in an old Scottish tale from a book called" John Francis Campbell's Popular Tales of the West Highlands" which features a Fachen named Nesnas Mhiccallain being defeated in a race by the story's hero, Murachadh Mac Brian, who became king of Ireland.

Some have speculated that the Fachen is what some Scotsmen saw from a large ancient terrestrial predatory bird, which may have at one time inhabited The Scottish highlands. Another popular but somewhat absurd theory is that the Fachen is a New Zealand Moa that has somehow traveled to the british isles

Credits of information go to the article of the creatures on Monstropedia.

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